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How to have a peaceful divorce without losing your assets

Divorces in New Jersey can be a tense and emotional affair. Often, to keep the peace, the breadwinner in the relationship may opt to let the other partner take them for everything they are worth. Similarly, the person who is not the breadwinner may opt to decrease the tension by choosing not to stand their ground when it comes to alimony, child support and retirement planning.

This may ultimately lead to a feeling of bitterness towards the ex-spouse at the end of the divorce. If children are involved, this can make co-parenting feel like an uphill battle. Even when children are not involved, it can cause a major financial setback to the party who opted to give up their assets.

A better way to ensure a peaceful divorce is to attempt to enter divorce with the same mindset as marriage was approached. How so? Understand that there is a common final goal and work together to find common ground.

There may be some instances where one person is in disagreement with the divorce or may feel upset due to infidelity or other reasons. Forbes notes that in these instances it is still possible to reach common ground by using mediation and collaborative divorce techniques.

Once some degree of peace is achieved, it is time to consider how both parties can best protect what they plan to take with them from the divorce. CNBC also notes that mediation and collaborative divorce is one way to ensure assets are not just lost to both partners but in legal fees. Additionally, it is important to look at the big picture and accept that there may have to be some concessions as assets are divided up between both parties.

When securing their financial stake, exes often take an aggressive stance and put their foot down to show they mean business. In some instances, this is necessary, but this is not always the case. More often than not, maintaining the peace through mutual respect and concessions may encourage the other party to be more generous in negotiations. When children are involved, it also helps to preserve some semblance of family unity for their benefit.

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