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February 2019 Archives

When The Wedding Is Called Off: Who Gets The Ring?

As a family lawyer, I have been asked this question more than once, and not only from potential clients, or former clients, but also from dear friends of mine. Not every pair of love birds make it down the aisle to say their "I do's." Sometimes, a wedding is called off by one party to the shock and dismay of the other. Sometimes, it is a joint decision painstakingly made together. In any event, it is hoped that the decision to pull the plug on the wedding is made well before the final deposits were paid or the invitations were sealed and placed in the mail. However, sometimes cold feet occurs at the very last minute and a wedding is even called off only days (and in some situations, only hours) before the ceremony. After the tears are shed, words are exchanged, and the numerous telephone calls are made to inform the officiant, the vendors and the guests that the wedding will not be proceeding as planned, the inevitable question is asked: WHO GETS THE ENGAGEMENT RING?

My Ex-Wife May Be Living With Someone. What Is The Current Status Of New Jersey Law?

If you are in the process of divorcing, what issues should you incorporate into your divorce agreement about alimony in the future? How do you balance the need for support versus moving on in life? Read on to see the current state of the law on cohabitation and its effect on the continued payment of alimony.

Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act Of 2015 - What You Need To Know

What do you do when sexually assaulted by an acquaintance that you may have the possibility of seeing again? Imagine a scenario where you are sexually assaulted by a work colleague or the victim of a date rape. Other than filing criminal charges, is there any recourse to protect you?

Baures Gets Relocated: Removal Gets An Update

It is always a difficult scenario. Parents get divorced and a custody schedule is entered, for a parent to later be transferred to a different location. Or, a separation occurs, and one parent wants to move to where they have more family support. Post-divorce, people move on to new jobs, new romantic relationships, and new lives.

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