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July 2019 Archives

Infidelity and walking away from a marriage

Many different factors can lead to a couple splitting up, from disagreement over critical financial issues (such as a child's college education) or a couple simply becoming incompatible after years of marriage. However, infidelity, especially when someone is addicted to unfaithful behavior or has a lengthy track record of cheating, has caused many marriages to fall apart. When kids are involved, these divorces can be especially devastating for people to work through. If you are trying to find the courage to leave your spouse who has cheated on your repeatedly (or even on a single occasion), or you have been unfaithful and just found out that your partner wants a divorce, it is imperative to prepare yourself.

Relocating for work during the divorce process

There are all sorts of reasons why a married couple may decide to divorce, but some people have an especially challenging time while approaching the divorce process and dealing with various legal issues after their divorce is finalized. For example, those who need to relocate for work may have a particularly hard time because of the stress and emotional strain that they are experiencing. In some cases, such as instances where someone moved to another country for work purposes, the divorce process can be particularly complicated.

How does the court decide what’s in your child’s best interest?

Going through a divorce can be a very scary time, especially if a custody battle is involved. Most of the time the custodial parent is determined by the court, based on the child’s best interest. The court may consider many factors when determining the child’s best interest.

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