Gale Weinberg from Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, handled my divorce for me. The moment you walk into Gale’s office, you realize first and foremost that she cares. My case was not just another case to her, and you could sense that immediately. As time went on, I realized that Gale was not only a true professional but had all the respect of everyone we encountered in court. From judges to bailiffs to other attorneys, everyone seemed to respect Gale. In what was an extremely difficult time in my life, Gale offered support, comfort and excellent counsel. I can honestly say she got me the best deal possible and did it with my best interest at heart. I was lucky to have Gale on my side and would recommend you do the same, when deciding on an attorney.

Lewis G.

I never wanted to be divorced, however I came to a point where I never wanted to be divorced more. With the help of the entire office and especially Mrs. Cooper. She made it so easy to understand, she took her time to make sure I understood everything and gave me time to process the things that were the hardest to go through. The whole office was there every step along the way. The caring nature of everyone was absolutely wonderful. I do and will highly recommend this firm to anyone who is going into a divorce situation.

Jeff I.

My divorce started in Puerto Rico and was still unresolved when I moved to New Jersey two years later with my two young children. Several friends who were either attorneys or judges highly recommended Weinberg & Cooper,LLC. They knew I needed the best. With a divorce that started in a Spanish-speaking jurisdiction (meaning documents were all in Spanish), which involved assets in four different states or territories and which – most importantly – involved a brutal and contentious custody battle, my divorce wasn’t going to be a simple one.
Add to that the fact that it was a domestic violence situation with an affluent and well-educated ex-spouse, who had nothing else to do but continue his abuse through the court system. False allegations prevailed, frivolous motions were filed mercilessly, and every minor disagreement was waged into a war. It was an exhausting process.
It was a process I never could have survived had I not had Ashley Cooper by my side. At first, her sheer know-how and intelligence impressed me. Not only was she able to refute everything she hurled our way, but she did so cleverly. It was as though she was playing a game of chess, knowing legally what my devious ex might claim down the road and squashing it before he could. Even my attorney friends were impressed by her legal solutions.
But where I realized I really couldn’t have done it without Ashley is I can honestly say that my divorce attorney became my friend. And I clearly was not just a client to her. Ashley didn’t just take the time to learn about my case. She took the time to learn about me. She knew when she needed to let me cry. And she knew when she had to toughen me up. She gave me the strength to keep fighting when I didn’t even think I had any left. She cared (and still cares) about my children. And she cares about me. I know many divorced people. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else call his or her attorney a friend. I consider myself lucky to say that I do.

Tara M.

Melissa and Gale provided superb service at a very difficult time in my life. They helped me negotiate a fair deal. They were easy to work with and readily available when I needed them. Highly recommend them!

Wendy Z.

I feel very fortunate to have had the firm of Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, represent me through my divorce. An uncomfortable situation was made more comfortable with sound legal advice and knowing that council was there for me whenever I needed it. Melissa was my rock through a confusing time and helped to make things clearer for me. It was quite a relief to have an unfailing amount of trust in my divorce attorney and the most excellent legal advice helped me through this process. I highly recommend this law firm.

Heather O.

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