Working Toward A Fair Settlement That Protects Your Interests

Splitting one household into two can be complicated. As the outcome can have a substantial impact on your financial stability and well-being moving forward, finding a fair solution is critical.

At Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, we understand what is at stake in the property division process during a divorce. With over 20 years of experience, our attorneys provide a skilled, strategic perspective to New Jersey individuals and families. Whether your assets are sophisticated or straightforward, we will protect your interests.

Abiding By Equitable Distribution In New Jersey

New Jersey follows equitable distribution guidelines in dividing marital property. This means that rather than splitting all property in half, everything is fairly or equitably divided. An important distinction is that only marital property is subject to division. Separate property, or anything earned by, gifted to or inherited by one spouse before or after the marriage, will remain separate.

Determining The Division Of Your Marital Property

In dividing assets, New Jersey courts typically consider:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The financial stability and resources of each spouse
  • The custody agreement and who possesses primary custody of children
  • The contributions of each spouse throughout the marriage
  • The standard of living set throughout the marriage
  • The physical and mental conditions of each spouse

If you and your spouse have a valid prenuptial agreement in place, this could dictate much of the settlement.

Protecting Your Priorities And Your Interests

You may have specific goals going into the property division process. Whether you wish to retain your marital home, ownership of your small business or more, we will discuss your goals and determine a realistic approach to accomplish them. We will advise on what is in your best long-term interest, even if that means giving up one asset to retain another.

Additionally, you may have assets that require complicated valuations or assessments. For such complex property, we work with experienced professionals, including forensic accountants, tax experts and more. Together, we form a thorough strategy that enables you to move forward from your marriage in a stable, healthy position.

Discuss Your Property Concerns With Our Lawyers

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