Your Rights As An Unmarried Parent

The legal system can feel overwhelming to anyone. When you are an unmarried parent, you may be unsure where to start.

Am I entitled to child custody or parenting time/visitation? Do I owe child support? Can I collect child support?

At Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, our attorneys will sit down with you and explain your legal rights and your responsibilities. Together, we will create a plan that helps you achieve your goals, whether that be to obtain custody or parenting time/visitation, or to obtain child support.

What Are My Rights?

Unmarried parents have the same rights and responsibilities regarding custody, parenting time/visitation and child support as divorcing parents. However, unmarried parents do have to take additional steps before these rights and obligations arise.

The first step to securing custody or child support is to establish paternity. This can be done in one of two ways such as:

  1. If both parents agree, they can sign a certificate of parentage, or voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, and file the form with the Department of Health.
  2. If one of the parents refuses to sign the certificate, or if paternity is in dispute, a paternity case can be filed in court and a judge will order a DNA test.

Once paternity has been established, you can pursue child custody and child support.

Our Approach To Custody And Support Cases

We do not create controversy where it does not exist, and we do not add fuel to the fire. Instead, we are focused on solutions. We always attempt to resolve disputes out of court. However, that does not mean we are not prepared to fight. Our lawyers are known as strong advocates in court. We do what is necessary to protect your interests.

For help asserting your parental rights, contact our firm. Located in Bergen County, we represent unmarried parents throughout Northern New Jersey. We can help you. Call us today at 201-580-3934.