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In family law disputes, alimony payments can change if an ex-spouse is cohabitating with another partner. In New Jersey, recent changes to the law have made it easier for payors of alimony to request such adjustments.

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Proving The Cohabitation Of An Ex-Spouse With A New Partner

Previously, New Jersey law stated that if an ex-spouse lived with a new partner, the ex-spouse paying alimony could request to lower the payments. Now, cohabitation in the traditional sense is not even a requirement. Grounds for requesting such a change can include:

  • The partners share joint bank accounts or commingled finances
  • The partners split living expenses and household responsibilities
  • Family and friends refer to the couple as being in a committed relationship
  • The length of the relationship
  • The partners do indeed live together

This change reflects mounting concerns that ex-spouses could have retained separate residences from new partners for the sole purpose of continuing to collect spousal support payments.

Representation In Complex Alimony Disputes

Alimony payments can be critical to the financial security of both the payor and receiver. When one party questions the continuation of these payments, the dispute can quickly become contentious.

Reducing alimony payments is a complex area of the law. It must be proven that the ex-spouse, or receiver of alimony, intentionally refrained from living with their new partner to collect alimony. If the ex-spouse is indeed living with a new partner and failed to disclose such information, the court may be more inclined to rule in favor of the paying ex-spouse. We will help you investigate these claims.

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