Looking Out For Your Interests During Divorce

Divorce is life changing. Romantic relationships end, family dynamics are redefined, and your financial assets and property are divided. If minor children are involved, a custody plan will need to be determined.

The decisions you make throughout this process will impact your life for years to come. The best way to protect your future is to work with experienced divorce lawyers.

At Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, our attorneys have been guiding clients through divorce for almost 20 years. Let us advocate for you.

Navigating The Complexities Of Divorce

When minor children, high net worth individuals and sophisticated assets are involved, divorce can become complex. Determining each party’s alimony obligations and rights can also be challenging when spouses have nontraditional income sources. Your attorney should not only know the law, but also understand the business and financial implications involved.

At Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, our lawyers have handled some of the most complex divorces in the state, including those that involve the laws of other states and foreign countries. We work with a team of skilled professionals to ensure final divorce decrees protect our clients’ financial, property and parental rights.

Stopping The Worry, Reducing The Fear

When marriages end and family structures change, emotions run high. Throw in a confusing legal system and it is easy to become overwhelmed. When meeting with clients, the first thing we do is take away the fear and worry. Our lawyers will sit down with you, discuss your situation and explain your options to you. Once you know the path and understand your options, the future will not seem so uncertain.

We help people avoid mistakes, including those that involve Facebook and other social media, during the divorce process. Clients tell us, when they leave our office, they feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Going through divorce is difficult. You do not need to do it alone. Our legal team is here for you. We will make the process as easy and efficient as possible, while ensuring your financial interests, property rights and parent-child relationships are protected. Contact us now at 201-580-3934 to schedule a consultation.

Our office is in Bergen County. We take divorce cases throughout Northern New Jersey.