Relocating With Your Child

People are more mobile than ever before. It is common for individuals to relocate to other cities, states and even foreign countries to take advantage of job opportunities, be closer to family and build a better life. For divorced parents — and those who were never married — relocation presents unique custody challenges.

Are you allowed to relocate with your child? What existing custody changes have to be made? Can you prevent your child from moving away?

At Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, we work with parents on both sides of the table — those who want to relocate with their children, and those who want to prevent a move. No matter what your goal, we have the skills and experience to get results.

When Is Relocation Allowed?

Any move — even one within the state of New Jersey — that requires a change in custody or parenting time/visitation requires either permission from the other parent or court approval. When determining whether to allow relocation, the courts evaluate 12 factors to determine whether the move is in good faith and will not adversely impact the child. The factors include:

  • The reason for the move
  • The impact the move will have on the child’s education and health
  • The impact the move will have on the child’s relationship with extended family members
  • Whether a new parenting time/visitation schedule can be developed that will enable the other parent to maintain his or her relationship with the child

If the move is allowed, existing child custody and child support orders will have to be modified.

Understanding The Impact On Minor Children

Before becoming an attorney, Gale B. Weinberg was a special education teacher. She has a degree in psychology. She understands the emotional and psychological impact relocation has on children.

When representing clients, she draws upon this information to find solutions that not only advance our clients’ goals, but are also in the best interests of the child involved.

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