Online Activity During Divorce

In a divorce, much is at stake. From the division of marital property to disputes involving your children and more, there are many opportunities for both spouses to become bitter with the other.

Social media can play an influential role in divorce proceedings today. At Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, we stress the importance of preventing social media behavior or habits from interfering with your divorce. Our attorneys advise on steps to take to avoid a spiteful or impulsive post from harming your long-term interests.

The Risks Of Social Media During Divorce

It may be tempting to check in on your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Checking their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages can seem harmless. However, publicly reacting to their posts and commenting something hurtful can harm your case in court.

Sharing information on your own social media pages can also be detrimental to your case. A misleading picture could cause your spouse to challenge your need for alimony, while tweeting something about them, whether true or not, could cause your judgment to be questioned.

Effectively Managing Your Social Media Accounts

The repercussions of irresponsible or harmful social media behavior can be particularly damaging in disputes involving your children. Practicing responsible social media habits can prevent a mistake that could affect the outcome of a child custody dispute and more.

Such habits or actions to consider include:

  • Avoiding sharing personal details, including a vacation, a new significant other and more
  • Being aware of who you are connected with, including the family or friends of your spouse
  • Informing your family and friends to be discrete about your personal life throughout the divorce
  • Adjusting the privacy settings of your accounts to avoid unwanted visitors
  • Refraining from taking action if your spouse shares something harmful or spiteful about you
  • Closing or deactivating your accounts for the time being

We will inform you of actions to take that are specific to your case, including if your spouse regularly shares false or angry information about you. If anything from your social media accounts somehow turns up in court, we will aggressively defend you.

Discuss Your Social Media Habits With A Lawyer

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