Child Custody Orders That Foster Parent-Child Relationships

Nothing is more important than your children. When clients come to our office, their primary concern is their children. They are often afraid they will not get the custody or parenting time/visitation they need to maintain a strong relationship.

The first thing we do at Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, is take away the fear. We do this by educating you about New Jersey child custody laws, providing you with a reliable roadmap and reassuring you that we will fight to protect your parental rights. After our first meeting, you will know you have experienced, dedicated legal advocates working on your side.

What Does The Law Say About Custody?

In New Jersey, it is rare for one parent to lose custody of his or her children. Instead, courts usually award joint custody. This does not mean parents share time evenly, joint custody can take many forms depending on what is in your child’s best interests.

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Children

Custody disagreements can quickly become heated. One parent may want equal parenting time after never having been involved in the child’s life; maybe someone is relocating to another state, or perhaps one parent is being alienated.

Our lawyers are skilled in custody law. We have the skills and experience to take on the most complicated cases — and we get results.

We always attempt to resolve custody issues out of court, saving our clients’ time and money, and reducing stress. But that does not mean we do not fight. We aggressively protect our clients’ interests during negotiations and in court. No matter which path your case takes, we will fight for your right to custody.

Attorney Gale B. Weinberg also act as guardian ad litem (GAL). As GALs, they are appointed by the court to advocate on behalf of the children. This experience translates into the firm’s practice. Family law judges know and respect them, and they keep your child’s interests top of mind when developing custody solutions.

Discuss Your Custody Case With Us

If you have a custody issue, contact our firm. Our lawyers will fight for your rights as a parent. Call 201-580-3934 to schedule a consultation. From our office in Bergen County, we handle custody disputes cases throughout Northern New Jersey.