Prioritizing The Interests And Well-Being Of Your Children

Legal matters involving your children can be challenging to confront. You may be fearful about the effects that the outcome could have on your relationship with your child and uncertain of the process ahead.

At Weinberg & Cooper, LLC, our attorneys prioritize protecting both the parent-child relationship and the well-being of your child. We understand that a dispute involving your children can be disruptive. With over two decades of experience, we assist in determining a workable child custody agreement and a sustainable parenting time arrangement to ultimately benefit your child.

What Is A Parenting Time Arrangement?

A parenting time arrangement differs from a child custody agreement that focuses on the physical and legal custody of the child. Parenting time arrangements focus on the specifics of when the children will be with each parent for both normal and special circumstances.

Such arrangements can include:

  • The children’s schedules for holidays, birthdays, family obligations and more
  • The children’s schedules for school breaks and after-school activities
  • The protocol for when one parent wants to take the children on vacation
  • The protocol for when one parent needs a babysitter
  • The protocol for when the children must be dropped off or picked up

The plan should be realistic. Generally, both parents first attempt to create a plan together. If this is impossible, the court will decide on an arrangement that prioritizes the interests of your child.

When A Parenting Arrangement Is Violated

New Jersey courts strive to maintain a child’s relationship with both parents when possible. For this reason, courts often award joint custody and visitation schedules or parenting time arrangements that promote a child’s time spent with each parent.

When one parent violates the arrangement, the other may take legal action. We can guide you throughout this process after the other parent’s actions interfered with your agreed-upon parenting plan. In some cases, remedies such as additional parenting time, financial penalties or changes to the parenting arrangement may be warranted.

Protect Your Interests By Speaking With A Lawyer

Parenting plans may seem straightforward. However, animosity between parents and fear of losing time with children can cause plans to become riddled with disagreements. We can be an advocate for you and your children.

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