How do courts remedy parenting time violations in New Jersey?

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Courts usually create orders to establish and enforce child custody and parenting time arrangements. These setups typically address the child’s needs by giving the involved parties fair opportunities to exercise their parental rights. However, some parents can find it challenging to follow these orders appropriately.

Sometimes, parents may go against the parenting time order, leading to violations. One or two missteps could be reasonable, but in New Jersey, the court may take them seriously if they become repetitive and habitual. In these scenarios, the court can remedy these incidents by enforcing the following consequences:

  • Making up for parenting time missed by the parent
  • Fines for failing to appear at visits and other costs the other parent shouldered because of the violation
  • Adjustments involving logistics, such as transportation
  • Formal counseling, if needed by the child or the parents, with costs covered by the violating parent
  • Community service based on the details of the parent’s violation

These penalties can help deter parents from violating the order, but some cases involve complications surrounding the arrangement. If so, the court can consider modifying the child custody and parenting time setup to encourage compliance, depending on the circumstances.

Knowing how to address parenting time violations

Adopting child custody and parenting time arrangements can be challenging, mainly if certain factors affect the family’s schedule and situation. Still, fulfilling these obligations can be crucial because these orders are legal documents with significant bearing. If these obstacles are unavoidable, it may be time to amend the order to accommodate the family’s needs overall. Before deciding to take this route, it can be helpful to seek legal guidance first. Valuable advice and insight can help parents understand what options are appropriate and what legal implications may accompany the changes.