Relocating for work during the divorce process

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2019 | High Net Worth Divorce |

There are all sorts of reasons why a married couple may decide to divorce, but some people have an especially challenging time while approaching the divorce process and dealing with various legal issues after their divorce is finalized. For example, those who need to relocate for work may have a particularly hard time because of the stress and emotional strain that they are experiencing. In some cases, such as instances where someone moved to another country for work purposes, the divorce process can be particularly complicated.

If you are getting ready for a divorce and you need to move in order to start a new job, there are many different hurdles that you may have to overcome. Starting a more lucrative position can be very rewarding, but it can also make life tough–especially if you are dealing with a divorce. Our law office recognizes the many challenges that can arise during these circumstances, especially if children are involved (such as legal matters regarding parental relocation). Even when a divorce is very straightforward and relatively amicable, long distances can make things harder.

It is important to prevent your new job from placing additional and even unnecessary strain on your life if you are dealing with family law matters of any kind. There are many different post-divorce legal topics that you may need to examine when it comes to your new job, such as child support payments. We write about many other facets of family law and the divorce process on our blog.