Can I change a child custody order?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Child Custody |

There may come a time when your current child custody court order no longer suits your family. In this case, you’re free to request a change by the court to ensure the best interests of your child remains intact. There are all sorts of reasons why parents choose to do so, according to Very Well Family

The courts prefer that both parents play a role in the life of their child, which is why joint custody is so often awarded. However, if there are concerns about a child’s safety when spending time with the other parent, they must be brought up immediately. This can include issues like substance dependence, allegations of abuse, or unlawful behavior that puts a child in harm’s way when he or she spends time with a parent. If you have concerns, contact your attorney so that you can make a timely request to the court that initially decided custody. 

Of course, some parents request a modification for much less serious reasons, which is the case when one parent relocates to another town or state. A big move might make your current setup impractical, or it could interfere with your child’s school schedule or general stability. In this case, the court may award sole custody to one parent but create a visitation schedule for the parent who is moving. You may also retain joint custody but come to an arrangement where your child spends time at each parent’s home during different times of the year.

Some parents with joint custody also fail to take their child when mandated. This can be frustrating for all involved, and kids will often feel slighted and unloved. If there is a scheduling issue, it might be best for you to speak with your ex about alterations you can make together that would behoove everyone, especially your child. If no-shows continue, the court may choose to grant sole custody to you, which spares your child the constant disappointment.