The correlation between money and divorce

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New Jersey newlyweds likely do not think they will ever spend a day apart. They want to share their lives and believe that the more successful they become, the longer their marriage will last.

However, there is an alarming trend occurring that shows the opposite is more often the case. When a couple achieves success in the form of job advancement and salary, the chance of divorce increases. The attorneys and staff at Weinberg & Cooper LLC want to help you understand why this is happening.

The balance of wealth

When a couple ties the knot, they often have dreams of starting a family. When this blessed event occurs, they may choose for one to remain home and one to work. This event causes a shift in the balance of perceived power in the relationship. One spouse makes money while the other gives up financial independence to care for the children. Even though the two start on the same page, things may grow strained between them over time.

Keeping up appearances 

Even if a couple remains on the same page, the more money they have, the more likely they are to feel societal pressure to maintain the appearance of wealth. Large homes, extravagant vacations, and designer wardrobes are just some things couples prioritize that may land them in financial trouble. This practice may rapidly deplete their wealth and put them into debt. Since money remains the leading contributor to divorce, it may push an already at-odds duo further down the path to splitting.

When money stresses a marriage, it may end in divorce, even when the income is higher than average. If you would like more information on this and other divorce-related subjects, follow this link to our webpage.