Co-parenting during summer vacation

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Child Custody and Co-Parenting Plans

For many couples, one of the most challenging parts of filing for divorce is figuring out custody arrangements. In New Jersey, divorcing parents may create and file a parenting plan that covers the responsibilities of both parents as well as a schedule for how the child will spend time with each of them. 

While many parenting plans have regular schedules centered on the child’s school routine and extra-curricular activities, it may be more challenging for individuals to maintain a reasonable co-parenting schedule during the summer break from school. 

Preparing for vacations 

According to a document on parenting plans from the New Jersey Courts, divorcing couples may develop a parenting plan that includes arrangements for holidays and vacations. A plan should ensure that both parents have the opportunity to celebrate meaningful holidays with their children in order to create memories and strengthen the parent-child relationship. 

Handling vacation changes 

Even with a detailed parenting plan in place, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, especially during times when children are out of school and have less-rigorous schedules. HuffPost states that there are several steps parents may take handle vacation arrangements effectively. 

When possible, parents should stick with the arrangements laid out in the original parenting plan. Having a reliable schedule may help parents and children avoid frustration and emotional challenges. However, it is easier to solve conflicts when both parents are willing to be flexible with the original plan and make changes that are best for the children. 

If one parent wants to plan a special out-of-state trip over the summer, it is best to discuss those plans and agree on the details early on to prepare everyone for the change in the normal routine. It is extremely important for parents to avoid making last-minute demands.