High net-worth couples may divorce more amicably

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High-asset divorce often brings to mind neverending drama. Most people have tabloids to thank for this. Many of these publications sought every bit of sensational information they could to attract readers. Some of the allegations are true; just as many are not.

In fact, Business Insider reports that couples worth $5 million or more are more likely to divorce on good terms than other couples. In contrast, couples worth more than $1 million but less than $5 million tend to have more friction in their divorce proceedings.

Socioeconomic factors

High asset couples that fall into that second bracket often have far more at stake than those that do not. A couple worth $5 million or more can easily still live as multimillionaires even with an equal split. This generally allows them to enjoy the same circle of friends and lifestyle as they did before. The same is not true of a couple worth $3 million who might now need to downsize the house and trade in a luxury vehicle to adjust.

Amicable divorce

Wealthy or no, however, amicable divorces are on the rise, according to CNN. The news agency believes that self-help and self-care might account for this. Many people are more focused on personal growth than ever before. Divorce is also much less taboo now than it was in the past, adding fewer societal pressures to the mix that might cause anxiety and discomfort. When it comes to the wealthy, the article proposes that sometimes money is a great silencer of bad feelings. People take their fair shares and move on.

Are there wealthy couples that fight over money? Absolutely. There is no one rule that applies to all demographics. However, when couples are financially stable and have the means to part ways without losing that financial stability, it tends to make things much easier.