Preparing for divorce mediation

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Individuals preparing to file for divorce in New Jersey may choose to go through the process of mediation. According to FindLaw, mediation may help couples have more control over the elements of the divorce agreement. If both spouses are willing to negotiate and respect each other and the mediator, they may be able to shorten the divorce process, agree on favorable terms and reduce the overall cost.

The mediator may help both spouses navigate the legal system, facilitate open communication and provide information on conflict resolution methods. Individuals may improve the efficiency and efficacy of mediation through adequate preparation.

Developing goals

Forbes states that divorce negotiations often go more smoothly when both people agree on a common vision, such as avoiding contentious proceedings or developing a custody solution that is best for the children. Individuals may also create their own goals to present to the mediator.

Making lists

There are many areas that mediation may cover, including co-parenting arrangements and property division. Spouses may prepare for the mediation process by finding or creating comprehensive lists of assets, debts and other financial details. Having all the information easily accessible may help the mediator facilitate effective negotiations.

Considering co-parenting

Child custody is often one of the most challenging parts of divorce, but mediation may help reduce feelings of stress and animosity. Forbes states that maintaining mutual respect helps reduce the emotional stress on everyone involved, including the children. Each spouse may prepare for mediation by writing down his or her co-parenting preferences about holidays, vacations and visitation schedules.

Mediation may be a helpful step for individuals doing through a divorce. Spouses may prepare for the process by creating goals related to co-parenting and property division.