Is shared custody the right option for you?

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New Jersey parents like you have a lot on your plate when handling divorce. You must focus on asset division and support matters, which takes a lot of time and energy on its own. Most important, you handle issues of child custody and care.

When determining what custody option to aim for, keep the child’s best interest in mind. It is important for your decision to benefit your child and provide them with a better life.

Shared custody and how it helps parents

Divorce Magazine discusses the benefits of shared custody for both children and parents. First, why are benefits to the parent important? When the parents benefit, the children often benefit, too. This should not hold your main focus. But you should strive for a solution that allows you to be your best self for your child. This means avoiding shared custody if working with your ex-spouse is not possible. Otherwise, you may reap potential benefits. This includes having someone to share financial burdens and emotional labor with. This makes you a more understanding, patient parent.

How children respond to shared custody

As for children, the benefits are vast. Studies show that sole custody harms children like the divorce itself. Children of sole custody often have trouble connecting with peers. They become defiant toward authority figures like teachers or law enforcement. They may struggle to make meaningful relationships in their youth. This can lead to them acting out in the future. By choosing to share custody, you provide your child with a sense of security. You allow them to rely on this stability in a turbulent time, which allows them to make it through in a safe way.