What are the advantages of mediation?

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Most people have the idea that divorce has to be nasty and unpleasant. Not only do hostile divorces impact the psyche of both spouses, but there are also detrimental effects on children if you have any.

For these reasons, more people are turning to mediation as a way to divorce more peacefully. This article details what mediation is, and the advantages of choosing mediation.

What is mediation?

According to FindLaw experts, mediation utilizes an impartial third party to help you and your spouse work out your divorce. This can be helpful since the mediator is an unbiased person who can often come up with creative solutions to complex problems. The ultimate goal with mediation is for you and your spouse to get as close to your goals as possible, in a way that is acceptable to both of you. However, sometimes spouses cannot reach an agreement and must go on to litigation instead.

What are the advantages of mediation?

The presence of a mediator in and of itself is an advantage because they can help you solve problems that seem unsolvable. Mentioned previously, mediation helps avoid conflict that may otherwise prove detrimental to relationships and mental health.

Aside from the emotional aspect, mediation is also likely to be less costly than a traditional divorce. Avoiding trial and court altogether saves both time and money, equating to less stress in the long run. Additionally, coming to a settlement with your spouse is typically much quicker than proceeding through the courts. While mediation is not for everyone, there are clear benefits to those who choose to take this route.