Is mediation a good choice for your divorce?

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You have options when you wish to secure a divorce. You do not always have to go before a judge and allow the court to make decisions for you.

One option is mediation, which is an alternative dispute resolution that requires working with your spouse to come to an agreement on the important points of your divorce. While mediation can work for many couples, it is not for everyone. You should determine if it is right for your situation before starting.

Budget concerns

One reason mediation might be a good option for you is if you have concerns about the costs of divorce. A traditional divorce with litigation can be quite expensive, but FindLaw explains medication can save you thousands of dollars.

Power struggles

If you have concerns that your spouse may use his or her power or influence to affect the outcome of your divorce, then medication may be a better solution. Mediators must be impartial. It is their job to ensure both parties in a divorce have a voice and can express what they want. Mediation can be a powerful tool for you because a domineering spouse will be unable to run all over you during the process.

Bad relationship

You may worry if you do not get along with your spouse that you will not be able to make mediation work. However, mediation can be especially beneficial for difficult relationships because it strengthens communication. You both must listen and share with the other person. It can actually help you to overcome issues that would complicate things, such as co-parenting, in the future.