What can I expect of a mediator?

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Divorcing couples seeking an alternative to the costly and emotional process of a courtroom battle may turn to mediation as a solution. Many couples are not familiar with how mediation works. One way to understand mediation better is to learn what a mediator does. 

A mediator does not act like a judge in a courtroom. Mediators do not impose solutions on a couple. Instead, they are neutral individuals who facilitate conversations between spouses so they can arrive at solutions they agree on. FindLaw explains what you might expect of a mediator if you attend a mediation session. 

Ask questions of the spouses

In order to help both you and your spouse understand the issues involved, you can expect a mediator to ask you and your spouse questions throughout the session. In the event you do not understand something your spouse says, the mediator may ask your spouse to restate or clarify a point. Mediators may ask other questions to keep the communication as open as possible. 

Explain information to the spouses

While a mediator cannot give legal advice, one can still explain legal concepts that you or your spouse may not understand. You might not be familiar with the particulars of certain laws that relate to your situation. You may also wonder how an attorney might react to a legal situation. A mediator can also explain how judges may act or rule in a given scenario. 

Identify possible solutions

Though a mediator does not take sides, it does not mean a mediator cannot identify a possible solution to a dispute between you and your spouse. Remember that you do not have to go along with anything suggested by a mediator. However, you might find the solution to your liking and agree to it. Alternatively, you may use the suggestion as a jumping-off point to reach a different solution that you and your spouse can live with.