What should we look for in a mediator?

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If you choose to go through mediation for your divorce, then you will need to choose your mediator. This will be the first thing you and your spouse must come together to decide. It can be a great way to gauge how the rest of the negotiations will go. 

The mediator can have a great impact on the overall process, so you want to be sure to choose carefully. The Academy of Professional Family Mediators explains that you should choose a mediator that you trust above all else since this person will have a large effect on the outcome of your divorce. 

Comfort level

Your mediator does not have to be and should not be your friend, but you do want to feel comfortable with this person. The mediator will hear many things about your life, your family and your marriage. 

It is essential he or she is someone you and your spouse feel comfortable with because the mediator is there to facilitate the communication between you and to act as a neutral third party. You do not want it to feel like one of you gets along better with the mediator or it could introduce some issues into the process. 

Background skills

Beyond the personal feelings you have about a mediator, you also need to make sure he or she has the skills and abilities to serve as a mediator in your divorce. You want someone who has experience with mediation and knows how to move through the process properly. 

He or she needs to be able to help you and guide you in a productive way. This requires knowledge about mediating a divorce and the specific and unique issues that come up in a divorce. 

With a focus on finding the right balance between comfort and skills, you should be able to find a mediator who can assist you through your divorce negotiations.