What is grey divorce?

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As an older couple considering the possibility of divorce, you likely have unique and valid concerns. It is important to go into the situation understanding that divorce is different for older couples than it is for younger ones.

Even the terminology sets you apart, with divorce between couples aged 50 and over termed “grey divorce”. But what exactly is grey divorce?

Differing struggles from young divorcees

Forbes takes a look at grey divorcees. Grey divorce is just a term that refers to any divorcing couple aged 50 and over. These couples likely face different hurdles and struggles than their younger counterparts, too. For example, a grey divorcee has more time to accumulate joint assets. This means the process of dividing assets equitably will take more time, effort and energy. An amicable divorce between grey divorcees may still take longer than a high conflict divorce between a younger couple for this reason.

The benefits of divorce

But outside of the hurdles, grey divorcees also have many potential benefits to reap. For example, there is much less stigma against divorced couples these days than there were in the earlier decades of an older couple’s marriage. Not only that, but the dating and marriage markets for older couples continue to thrive more and more every year. This makes it perfectly possible for a couple to divorce at age 50 or higher, find a new partner and remarry.

In the end, it is up to each individual to weigh the benefits and downsides on their own. From there, you can make the decision about whether or not grey divorce is the right option for you.