Is mediation an option in your divorce?

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What is more personal than the details of your marriage? In all likelihood, not much. This idea, among others, can be one of the drawbacks that people in New Jersey think about when they contemplate the move to file for divorce. They believe that all of the details of their personal lives with their spouse might be open for examination in open court. But, if you consider mediation as an option, you can almost certainly rest assured that your privacy will be protected.

When is mediation an option?

So, is mediation an option in your divorce case? The fact is that it might not be for some couples. For example, couples who simply cannot overcome the acrimony between them may not have realistic prospects for compromise or agreement. Those are the couples who, most likely, will end up “battling it out” in court. But, mediation can be an option for couples who can maintain control of their emotions and see the legal process of a divorce case as a means to an end.

Mediation, unlike court, is more of a discussion between the soon-to-be ex-spouses. A neutral third-party – the mediator – will attempt to help the divorcing couple find solutions to the present issues in their unique divorce case. The divorcing couple can often save time and money if agreements can be reached.

Finding solutions

We understand that while emotions can run high in divorce cases at our law firm, finding solutions to legal issues is the ultimate goal. Please talk to us for more information about how mediation might be suitable for your divorce case.