As a stay-at-home father, can I recover spousal support?

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There’s a misperception out there that spousal support is only meant for women who gave up their careers to raise children. Although alimony is awarded to these individuals pretty regularly in New Jersey, there’s nothing in the law that makes spousal support gender-specific. In fact, the law in entirely gender-neutral, which means that men who have made sacrifices for their families can also be entitled to spousal support.

Making your case for alimony

Of course, the awarding of spousal support isn’t automatic. Instead, you’re going to have to either negotiate some sort of arrangement with your spouse or present evidence to the court. If the latter option is your best route, then you’re going to have to address a number of factors that the judge will take into consideration before issuing an order on support. While the length of your marriage and your and your spouse’s financial positions will be considered, so, too, will your marital lifestyle.

How the court will address your marital lifestyle

Your marital lifestyle includes just about every aspect of the way you lived while you were married to your spouse. That means that your house and car will be taken into consideration, and so, too, will your yearly vacations and the types of clothes that you wore. This can be a wide-ranging analysis, so you’ll want to make sure that you paint a clear picture if you hope to recover the amount of support that is right for you.

Telling your story to the court

Taking a broader perspective, spousal support is about providing financial resources to those who have made sacrifices during the marriage. So, if you’ve given up or delayed your career to be a stay-at-home father, or if you’ve foregone your own education to help pay for your spouse’s, then you’ve got a strong argument for spousal support. Don’t let society make you feel undeserving of this assistance. Instead, talk to an attorney who is willing to fight for an outcome that is fair and just so that you have the financial stability that you need and deserve as you move into your post-divorce life.