Considering whether or not mediation might work in your case

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There is no doubt that family law cases can be some of the most difficult legal issues for all parties involved – the families, the judge and even the attorneys in the case. Emotions run high in many different types of family law cases and the issues to address often have a lifelong impact: divorces; child custody and support; alimony; paternity; and even grandparents’ rights.

And those a just a few examples. So, how can you find a way to a solution in what might be a complicated and emotional family law case? Mediation may be a consideration for some.

When does mediation help?

If you are considering whether mediation might help your case, you are not alone. Many family law cases go through mediation, often with success. But, mediation isn’t for everyone.

For those who don’t know, mediation is a process that occurs outside of the courtroom. The parties typically get together at the mediator’s office and separate into different conference rooms.

Then, the mediator – a neutral third party – will usually go back and forth between the parties to listen to their differences, their proposed solutions and, when the parties get close to an agreement, try to bridge any gaps and get them to the finish line.

Mediation in your case

Each individual in a family law case will need to carefully consider whether or not mediation could be beneficial. To participate in good faith, you have to go into it with an open mind and the right attitude to try to reach solutions.

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