There is a different way to divorce: Mediation

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Unfortunately, many couples are still waiting for the chance to have a judge hear their divorce case because of 59 New Jersey Superior Court vacancies. These vacancies, combined with the economic woes of recent years, created a net result of prolonged waiting, with some New Jersey residents waiting until 2023. There may be a better option, though: mediation. Mediation can be a quicker and less-costly path to settling a divorce in the state.

Mediation can be less expensive and is available now

Mediation is an option that sidesteps the current backlog, and it presents many other benefits to families, in addition to that time-saving. According to FindLaw, the cost of a traditional court-based divorce can be as much as 10 times higher than mediation. This is in addition to the emotional costs of traditional litigation, which can be largely prevented as the mediator can be mindful of both parties’ needs, as well as the children’s needs.

The benefits of negotiating

As a neutral party, the mediator works with both sides to reach a mutually agreed-upon solution. Typically, mediation consists of multiple meetings, where both sides have the chance to negotiate. This gives both parties greater flexibility and autonomy over their divorce settlement, as opposed to leaving the final say to a family court judge.

Mediation is not always the answer

A mediator works for some divorces, but they may not be an option for every divorce settlement. Some parties may not want to negotiate, some issues may require a judge’s orders and mediation requires at least a degree of flexibility and amicability.

An attorney can help discuss your unique situation. If you want to discuss options, a Hackensack, New Jersey, family law attorney can be a compassionate guide through mediation or even act as the mediator.