What makes a high net-worth divorce different?

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High net-worth divorce cases can be much different from other divorce cases due to the complexity of the assets involved, making property division a much more difficult issue to resolve in some situations.

Dividing assets

In a typical divorce case, assets are examined, the value of the assets are determined and, in most cases, the assets are divided fairly between the divorcing spouses. But, with high net-worth divorces, sometimes the value of assets is difficult to determine, making their and division more difficult. Real estate, investment funds, business interests, inheritances and expensive artwork may be part of the property division process in a high net-worth divorce case. When this occurs, specialists may be needed to evaluate the assets and determine a value. That can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

Of course, another factor that oftentimes makes high net-worth divorce cases more complicated than other divorce cases is the level of conflict between the soon-to-be ex-spouses. These cases usually have financial impacts that are felt for years after the marriage is officially dissolved. It makes sense that the spouses would have a certain level of apprehension about the division of assets and debts.

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