The penalties for violating a custody or parenting time order

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If your ex is not respecting a parenting time or custody order, or if your former partner is accusing you of violating an order, you should review the penalties associated with these violations. There are many different reasons why parents fail to abide by the terms of a custody or parenting time order. In some instances, they want to prevent their ex from maintaining a healthy relationship with the kids.

Regrettably, many people face challenges when it comes to sharing custody and visitation. Sometimes, parents can work through these issues by discussing the situation in an amicable manner. In other instances, taking action is necessary.

What happens when parents violate custody orders?

According to the new Jersey Courts, a number of consequences can arise for parents who fail to abide by a child custody or parenting time order. Sometimes, the other parent receives compensatory time with the child and parents found to have violated an order could have to perform community service. In fact, some parents face financial penalties and even have to spend time behind bars for these violations.

What else can courts do when parents violate custody orders?

Sometimes, courts modify transportation arrangements in the wake of custody order violations and require that parents pick up and drop off their kids in public. Moreover, if children or parents need counseling as a result of these violations, the parent found to have violated the order could have to pay for counseling.

If you are facing challenges because your child’s other parent has failed to respect a custody order or a parenting time order, stand up for your rights.