How exposure to parental substance abuse harms your kid

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Your child’s best interests are paramount in a custody determination. Yet, even after an initial custody order is issued, you can end up facing ongoing battles over what sort of arrangement is best for your kid. These can be stressful disputes, and the stakes are high. But with so much on the line, you have to do everything you can to ensure that you’re protecting your child and your relationship with him or her.

How exposure to substance abuse affects a child

One argument that you may be able to make is that exposure to parental substance abuse is harming your child. In fact, this type of exposure can be extremely detrimental to a child. Each of the following are very real possibilities if your kid is being exposed to drug or alcohol abuse:

  • Increased anxiety and depression
  • Development of guilt and shame
  • Increased risk of being subjected to abuse or neglect
  • The onset of behavioral issues
  • Poor school performance

Any one of these effects can cause significant harm to your kid, and the detrimental impact can be long-lasting. That’s why if you suspect that your child has been subjected to parental substance abuse, then the time to act is now.

How do you build your case for modification?

If you’re going to seek a child custody modification, then you need to have evidence to support your position. In the context of substance abuse, this may mean securing police and criminal records, witness statements, and even your own child’s accounts of what he or she has seen and observed in the other parent’s home.

We know that these matters can be highly contentious. That’s why law firms like ours are ready to help you put the best arguments forward.

Are you ready to secure the assistance that you need? If so, then please do your research so that you can choose the firm that is right for you and your child.