How important is the parental relationship with child custody?

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New Jersey family law cases often meet sticking points when it comes to child custody and parenting time. This is to be expected given the emotional, personal and financial implications of how custody is decided upon and the amount of time the noncustodial parent will have with the child.

There are key factors that must be considered as part of the case. The relationship between the parents is often rocky after a divorce. In other situations, it can be cordial and even friendly. As the case proceeds, it is important to know how the parental relationship factors in under the law tand what strategies can be used to ensure the child’s best interests are served.

The parents’ relationship is among the many factors considered

Regardless of the type of custody order made, the court will weigh myriad issues. The parents’ ability to come to an agreement about the child, communicate effectively and show cooperation is key. Since the parents will need to maintain some form of relationship even if they are not on good terms means this will be of paramount importance for the child’s well-being.

In some cases, the parents are in dispute for viable reasons. Perhaps there was child abuse or domestic violence allegations between the parents. The child’s safety takes precedence. If parents are unwilling to allow parenting time because they are worried that the child could be in danger, this will be assessed by the court.

Parents need to understand that no matter what negative feelings linger from the past relationship, the court strives for a reasonable arrangement in which the child has time with both. The interaction is part of the decision-making process just as parental fitness, the distance between the parents’ homes, employment and the type of environment provided for the child.

Parents can benefit from having experienced legal help in family law cases

Parents should start from the perspective of knowing that the child’s best interests will be the primary concern with child custody and parenting time. Putting past ill will aside can benefit the child and the parents as they try to raise and nurture the child.

Even parents who have an amicable relationship should be aware of how this is viewed as part of the case. Having assistance is crucial and professionals with experience and understanding in these types of cases can be fundamental to a positive outcome.