Filing a non-dissolution action for child custody

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Being a parent is not all glitz and glam. While it is a rewarding role and experience, parenting often means making difficult and emotional decisions.

Parenting with the other parent is not always easy, especially when the relationship failed. As such, child custody must be established even though a divorce did not occur.

In matters where parents do not get along or cannot reach an agreement, a legal process might be necessary.

Whether it is through mediation or litigation, it is important that New Jersey parents understand the process, options and rights.

Family law matters in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there is a non-dissolution action. This type of docket is for issues concerning parenting and support when no divorce has been filed for.

These matters can address issues such as child custody, parenting time and visitation, which includes grandparents and siblings, establishing paternity, child support and health insurance coverage.

Who can file a non-dissolution action?

Filing a non-dissolution action is not just accessible to the parents of the child; however, it is commonly filed by a parent.

In fact, those allowed to file include an unmarried parent, a married parent that has not filed for divorce, a grandparent or adult sibling that wants to file for custody or visitation as well as anyone filing a counterclaim or a response to a complaint that was filed against them.

Moving forward with a family law matter is not easy. There are many important decisions to make, and it is not only your rights as a parent you need to protect. The interests of the child must also be considered and protected.

As such, it is important to be fully aware of your matter and your legal rights and options to address any ongoing issues.